Our syllabus includes the basics of shelter, water, fire, food, medical, and navigation, working onto 'Behind Enemy Lines' scenarios in temperate woodland, and planned mountain environments. As the course[s] develop Cadets undertake emergency training in remote area first aid, air crash protocols, and the attendant demands of leadership, communication, and team skills.

The involvement of practical skills training runs hand-in-hand with theory in the classroom, Cadets being taught where the concept of 'survival' lies in relation to everyday life, and the value of competent fieldcraft in the  life of the Cadet, Corps, NCOs, or RAF personnel. 

Consituent parts of the course[s] include camouflage and concealment, escape and evasion, night navigation, OPs, tracking, rescue, and terrain evaluation.

We instruct and encourage the understanding of the concept of 'state of mind', the need for will/determination, and preparation, and training.

These highly valued qualities learned at our Squadron have transference value into school, college, university, and work life.

About Us

We are 1341 (Thundersley) Squadron Air Training Corps RAF Cadets' Survival & Fieldcraft Training Team.

Our Work

Survival & fieldcraft training is integral to much of what we do at 1341. We ensure it dovetails with all aspects of adventure training, basic and more advanced land navigation, and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

This site is dedicated to outlining the background and tasks undertaken by 'A' Flight and 'B' Flight in their combat survival and fieldcraft courses, providing a bit of instruction, and some philosophy of the arts.

Squadron Fieldcraft Instructor

The Course Instructor is C.I. Howard who spent a number of years working for the MOD as a Combat Survival Instructor. He's a full-time, professional mountaineer and wilderness guide and runs a business instructing a wide range of individuals, groups, and organisations how to work with nature, how to understand the science of survival - and benefit from it, to stay safe in wilderness, and be alert to risk, hazard, and danger in urban areas.

Join Us

If you require any information regarding the Squadron please call us.  Calls only answered on Parade Nights: Mondays & Thursdays.  01268 566014

Squadron Address: 1341 (Thundersley) Squadron Air Training Corps, 10 Waverley Road, Benfleet, SS7 4AZ

No mail to be sent to the Squadron - Thank you.


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